About the artist

I have been studying life, death, and anatomy for years. I am only 19 and do not believe in perfection. I believe in imperfection. I have seen the beauty of complications and the infinite ego ravaging through time. I believe in color and the freedom of mortality.


When I was 16 I realized Symmetry Conveys, but Disproportion Creates Concepts. And there ended my fascination and infatuation with a forged perfection I  had meticulously tended to my entire life.


As I neared 18 years of life, head-on and stretched so thin you could see through me, I entered Survival Trip / Revival Trip. It was odd to think I could live and create. To have darkness as a shadow and not a heavy coat. I realized the potential of the mind is inescapable and so is the lack of limitations on consciousness itself.

I believe survival mode is not an option but a gene. A gene so heavy some would rather run than face this existence. As much as I understand, I have forgotten what it feels like to not appreciate every sway of my lungs. The run and rest of my solid heartbeat. And what a beautiful thing, a knowledge of life and death.


The coexistence of alienated emotions and futile war words are still sitting among me. The battlefield may always be where I call home, but the silence after the fire is what I crave. And the stars that seep their iridescent fingers into the night sky, breaking the haze of smoke, breaking the daze of man.

To say I have arrived. And I lived and died doing so.

I am SpineBlue.

Welcome to my universe.

You are accepted here.

Self-respect and respect of others

are the only rules here.

An Ode To Life by SpineBlue April 4, 2019

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