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Introducing Celestial! SpineBlue's first attempt at digital art! Due to the original size of the image, smaller prints reqire cropping and posters require a border for full detail. A 4x6 print of "The Making of Celestial" (shown in the second picture) comes with every Celestial print! 

Price varies on size of print or poster. Excellent quality and sharpness to all printed images. Signature on every print or poster. Personalized art card comes with every purchase for free.

  • 4x6 is $5.00
  • 5x7 is $10.00
  • 11x14 is $20.00
  • 16x20 is $30.00
  • 20x30 is $40.00
  • 24x36 is $50.00

*Important: 4x6 and 5x7 prints *do not require a border*. Select "No Border" under Poster Border (11x14+) below. If you select either of these print sizes, your picture will not have a border. The second picture shows a 5x7 print of Celestial and how it is cropped.*

*If you select "No Border" for an 11x14 print or up, you will receive a black border!*

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