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Celestial Sticker Pack 3

Celestial Sticker Pack 3


Introducing SpineBlue's Celestial Sticker Pack 3! This vibrant, psychedelic sticker pack is guaranteed to add color and cosmic character to anything they are adhered to! With permanent adhesive backing, they are guaranteed to be durable and stay vibrant! Each sticker is hand-printed, cut and created! Every purchase comes with a personalized Art Card!

**You have the option of all four stickers for $12.00 or one sticker for $5.00. Choose your preference below. If you would like all four stickers for $12.00, you must select it twice below. Under "Single Sticker for $5.00", you will see the option to select "All 4 for $12.00 again).**


Sticker Dimensions: (These are not exactly precise measurements, but they are rounded approximations.)

  • F*** Luck- 3.5x1 inches
  • Crazed- 2.5x2.5 inches
  • Blade of Night- 3x1 inches
  • In One Ear- 3x2 inches
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